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Using the power of the Internet
to instantly transfer funds anywhere in the World

For many years only large money transmitters could afford a centralized computer system for managing their money transmit business. 

Now, every small and medium size money transmitter can have its own centralized computer system and have access to a level of control that was not possible in the past. 

Utilizing the existing internet connections, you can virtually have your own private worldwide network and have instant access to every transaction and monitor the activity of your agents or offices .

Online Money transmit software also known as DeEnvios is the ultimate solution for managing any money transfer business. 

This software uses the wide availability of the Internet to provide simple, manageable and affordable business services to small and medium size money transmitters.  

Online Money Transfer software can be customized to meet your special requirements and work the way that your business works.

If you are a money transmitter using ancient programs or using phone and fax to conduct your business, it is time to call and order your online money transmit software.